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The Dundas Planning Commission meets monthly on the third Thursday and consist of seven voting members. Three members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council who are either residents, owners of property, or owners of a business within the City of Dundas. Three members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council who are residents or owners of property within Bridgewater Township. One member is a City Council member or the City Clerk, to be appointed by the Mayor with the approval of the City Council and serves a one year term expiring on December 31st each year. The City Attorney and City Engineer serve as ex-officio members of the Planning Commission.


Grant Modory - Chair
Bruce Morlan
- Vice Chair
John Cruz

Larry Alderks
Larry Fowler
Glenn Switzer

Frances Boehning

Contact City Hall at 645-2852

Each of the seven regular Planning Commission members have equal voting privileges. Any member may be removed by a four-fifths (4/5) vote of the City Council. A quorum consists of at least five regular members.

Generally the Planning Commission has the powers and duties given to the city planning agencies by law. The purpose of the Planning Commission is to prepare and adopt a comprehensive plan for the physical development of the city, including proposed public buildings, street arrangements and improvements, efficient design of major thoroughfares for moving of traffic, parking facilities, public utilities services, parks and playgrounds, a general land use plan and other matters relating to the physical development of the City.

Upon adoption of a comprehensive plan or any section, the Planning Commission recommends to the City Council reasonable and practical means for putting into effect the plan or section to serve as a pattern and guide for the orderly physical development of the City and as a basis for judging the timely disbursements of funds to implement the objective. Means of effectuating the plan consists of a zoning ordinance, subdivision regulations, capital improvement programming and technical review and recommendations referred to the Planning Commission by the City Council.

The Planning Commission:

  • Takes part in public hearings relating to the Zoning Ordinance and report recommendations to the City Council.
  • Makes recommendation in relation to the subdividing of land to the City Council.
  • Reviews all variance applications (power of Board of Appeals as provided in M.S. 462.357) and forwards with or without recommendation to City Council.
  • Reviews and decides on all sign applications.

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